Lesson 1: Finding Your Publishing Path

The single biggest question I get from writers considering publication of their first book is "Which way do I go: Do I self-publish? Work with a publishing services company? Or do I look for the opportunity to get a book deal from a traditional publisher?"

It can be a complex arena to navigate, especially if you don't know much or anything about the publishing world. There's a ton of info in the Internet, but how do you know what's accurate and what's fluff... or even worse, bluff? All kinds of hybrid versions of publishing services are proliferating in the marketplace...even traditional publishers are changing.

I believe it's such a fundamental question that I made it the starting point in your Discovery journey. Before you write one word; before you develop an outline..before you even decide exactly what your book focus might be, you need to understand what's important to you, and what's right for your project.

After reading this section, complete the FreshVoice Publishing Paths Self-Diagnostic below, submit your answers and you'll receive an analysis and recommendations back. These will influence and shape your next steps down the Discovery path.

Let me know what your results were by copying and pasting them into a Comment below, and add any other thoughts you have that the quiz may have inspired.

Then you're ready to move on to Lesson 2.

Happy discovery!